Journeys in Glass


The most difficult thing about building a workshop 0

  The most difficult part of this process? Well, raising the funds is up there, then there's getting permission to decimate my wife's garden, spen...
  • Peter Antal
Pay it Forward Giveaway!

Pay it Forward Giveaway! 0

**** 12.16.18 Update - Congrats to Kari Canfield - this month's winner! Been a while, so its definitely past time for a giveaway event... Introduci...
  • Peter Antal
Final Workshop Stage!

Final Workshop Stage! 0

As I get ready to lay down the new power line that will run my workshop, I wanted to offer folks a final opportunity to contribute to the crafting ...
  • Peter Antal
Let Your Heart Shine Giveaway!

Let Your Heart Shine Giveaway! 0

Just in time for your annual Halloween celebrations - this month's giveaway item is a unique handmade art glass glow in the dark heart. To particip...
  • Peter Antal