About The Artist

Mixing the fluidity of dance, a rainbow's glow, the passion of a race, with the permanence of stone, and etherealness of spirit...

I love the almost limitless capacity for originality and fluidity that blown and shaped glass presents. It allows for the connection of mind, body, and spirit (both my own and the Spirit of the Maker) into one complete form. With these elements, I seek to reshape the glass to get truly unique patterns and mixes of color, and make items that are both useful and inspiring. Every once in a while, something comes out of a finished glass piece that I could never have made happen on my own in a hundred tries, yet I am truly thankful when it does. This is the primary reason I stay with this medium and am always looking forward to the next finished piece.

Peter Antal

Bradford, NH

A Note on Charitable Giving: As an individual who seeks to live a faith filled life, I believe its important to share of one's gifts and use them to help those around me. To that end, I am pleased to offer my support to organizations I have a personal connection with and which have a proven history of valuing and supporting the sanctity of all human life through all its stages. Via use of a special coupon code, supporters of these organizations can earn a portion of Spirit Glass sales as a donation back to the organization. Contact them to learn more! Africa International Mission Services, Neighbors to Nicaragua, and Repurpurse by Maddie's Hands

 Any questions, please email me at spiritglassllc@gmail.com

"Blue Bird of Happiness" - Retirement gift made for a colleague. Started with making a display plate with all the colors that reminded staff of our colleague's unique personality and ended up finding the image of the bird swooping into the piece - a great example why I so love this art form!!!!