Journeys in Glass


Snow Capped Forests in 6 Styles 0

Seein Green! Glass in 6 Styles Alas, not a foray to my favorite Chinese restaurant, but an exploration into what could be done with a similar co...
  • Peter Antal

October 2019 Update 0

Multi colored vase available here Back to School...The past couple months have continued to be a challenge as my primary work hats have needed ...
  • Peter Antal

Hearts Are Made of Glass Giveaway! 0

  **** UPDATE! - Congrats to Nan Stender - This month's winner! **** Hearts Are Made of Glass Giveaway!!! This month's giveaway will be for a cust...
  • Peter Antal

Reflections on Faith 0

Hi Everyone,   During another hectic holiday season, I wonder about how many people there are like me who are feeling a little too thinly spre...
  • Peter Antal
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