The most difficult thing about building a workshop



The most difficult part of this process? Well, raising the funds is up there, then there's getting permission to decimate my wife's garden, spending 2-3 months finding an electrician who would return my calls, then there's the general issue of trying to line things up among contractors, but the worst part? Finding my gas line.... Here's a sample of what I've gone through.

* Call Dig Safe - sure, they'll come out and check for power and gas.

* 1 week later - electric flags pop up on my lawn, likely freaking out the local gopher population. but, no gas flags. I call up Dig Safe wondering if the gophers have taken the flags out because they didn't like the color, and they say... "oh, you have PROPANE, we don't scan for that"

* :(

* Call up the gas company with their name emblazoned on my tank. They don't have any plans on where the lines are dug (even though they installed it). They're willing to send someone out and guesstimate where they might have laid it. I told them I have some trained gophers that could do just as good a job. They send me to their repair / service branch.

* They have no records either and no way to scan for a gas line but I think they are secretly interested in hiring my trained gophers to do their work

* I go back to the main group, they said I should buy a metal detector. I ask how a gopher can hold a metal detector? But, in an effort to be hands on, I go out and buy one.

* Can't detect anything beyond 10 inches from the house. I think I hear the gophers chortling at me.

* I call the service people up and tell them I'm willing to pay them per hour to spot dig and clearly id where my gas line is so that I don't blow up my family or the gophers that are now laughing in hysterics. They tell me that they are not sure they can do that service. They forward me on to their manager for questioning.

* I think the gophers got to him first as its several weeks later and still no call.

* After several weeks pass and giving up $200, I finally find an outfit that is properly equipped and can id the line for me (but, sadly, not the hideout of the gophers or where they've stashed that business manager).

 So - the trench is dug, electric hardwiring is going in next week and my last hurdle will be getting the gas folks in to finish the gas piping into the garage (that and buying the last few thousand dollars worth of equipment). No prob. Hoping to be up and running now in January.






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  • Peter Antal
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