Black Green and Glow in the Dark Handmade Art Glass Teardrop Jewelry Pendant

Product Description

Presenting a fused art glass pendant, made with a blending of black, green, and glow in the dark glass. The pendant is just under 2 inches in length and weighs about 15 grams (about 3 nickels). The purchase of this one of a kind art glass necklace includes a fused glass pendant with a silver plated pinch bail and 18" snake chain necklace with clasp plus a gift box.

FYI - short list on what charges glow glass (from worst to best from

White LED's
Blue/Purple LED's
Incandescent - standard light bulb
Compact Fluorescent or CFL - spiral tube, screw-in
Fluorescent Bulbs - long tubes
Black Light Tube
Direct Sunlight

for additional info on length of charge times and other neat info, check out's website



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