Art Glass Rondel for Stained Glass Work, Green and Purple with Rainbow Dichroic, 3.75"

Product Description

Presenting a mixed color art glass rondel for use in stained glass work. The piece measures about 3.75" wide and 1/4" thick with a rounded top and flat bottom.

For those working with high temperatures (e.g. soldering for stained glass work), please note that I use soft glass in my work (rather than borosilicate, pyrex or hard glass). While this provides me with greater flexibility in my craft, it also means that the glass is not as resistant to extreme temperature changes as boro-glass is. Suggested tips to help avoid cracking...

* when approaching the glass with heat, be careful to come up slowly on the glass to warm it up a bit (rather than trying to torch directly on or next to the glass from a cold state which can result in a crack)
* when soldering, it's important to do this quickly and efficiently - if you are needing to work on the piece for some time and do multiple touch ups, this can cause the glass to heat up to a high temp, making a crack more likely as it cools down again.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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