Small Handmade Yellow Icicle Christmas Ball Ornament

Product Description
Handmade yellow and icicle themed art glass Christmas ornament and suncatcher. The piece is about 1.75" in diameter and exceedingly light at just about 15 grams per piece (about 3 nickels). When ordering, please note what you'd like to use for hanging: section of black hemp cord, silver colored hook, or green colored hook.

This piece is made in my home workshop using a small glass tube with a bulb at the end - filling it part way with different colors of glass (frit), and then turning and slowly heating it with a Mapp gas blow torch to the point where it just turns molten. Then the piece is carefully blown and turned in order to get the desired shape. Finally, the ornament is put into a kiln and annealed at 950 degrees for a half hour and allowed to cool down to room temp inside the kiln over several hours. Once this process is done, the bulb section is broken off the glass pipe, edges are sanded down, and a silver plated cap is used to top off the piece.

As pieces are all handmade, they may contain small bubbles and imperfections that occur during the crafting process. If there are any major aberrations, these will be noted in the description of the item and reflected in the price.
Maximum quantity available reached.

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